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  • How many Pickleballs does ERNE hold ?
    ERNE can easily hold 150 Pickleballs but you can realistically fit 175 balls if you don't mind 1 or 2 potentially falling out of the hopper as the agitator rotates to feed balls to the throwing wheels. You can see ERNE's specifications here.
  • Can ERNE use both indoor and outdoor balls ?
    Yes, ERNE can use any standard Pickleballs.
  • How many people can use ERNE at the same time ?
    At least two (2) simultaneously, depending on the drill being used and what is being worked on. ERNE only allows a single smartphone to be connected at a time so one person will need to be responsible for selecting drills and changing parameters.
  • Does ERNE come with instructions ?
    Yes, all instructions are located on website (check them out here).
  • Are there any safety precautions when interacting with ERNE ?
    Do NOT use ERNE in a wet environment, do not stand in front of ERNE during operation (throwing balls). Immediately stop ERNE if a ball gets hit into the opening otherwise it might damage the throwing wheels or other components inside the machine. Don't try to hit balls into the opening cavity, we know it's appealing but you might cause damage.
  • What is the slowest and fastest ERNE can throw the balls ?
    ERNE can throw balls as slow as 10mph and as fast as 65mph. You can see ERNE's specifications here.
  • What is the slowest and fastest ERNE can feed balls ?
    ERNE can feed balls as slow as 1 every 10 seconds and as fast as 1 ball a second. You can see ERNE's specifications here.
  • What is oscillation ?
    Oscillation is the ability to throw balls from left to right (sweep) and bottom to top (elevation). ERNE supports both types of oscillation.
  • How do I use the ERNE remote control ?
    The ERNE remote control has two buttons, one to start the machine the other to pause the machine. The is an alternative to using your phone to start and stop the machine.
  • How do I use ERNE’s telescoping handle ?
    Push the button on the top of the handle and lift to extend or push to collapse back into the machine. Only use the handle to move the machine, never to lift it.
  • How do I know how much battery charge ERNE has left ?
    The smartphone application will show the amount of charge left on your machine in the upper right hand side of the screen. The amount of green in the battery indicates how much charge is left.
  • How long does a battery charge last ?
    The battery can last, depending on machine usage, up to 6 hours. We haven’t seen it last less than 3 hours driving it hard.
  • How long does it take to recharge ERNE ?
    Recharding the battery to 90% will take about 4 hours. For 100% recharge, it will take about 6 hours.
  • What is stealthy operation ?
    Stealthy operation means that it isn’t obvious what direction a ball will be thrown. Our machine moves an internal yoke to change direction or height of the throw. The yoke is difficult to see making the direction and height of the next throw “stealthy”.
  • Does ERNE support backspin topspin and flat shots ?
    Yes, ERNE supports topspin, backspin and flat. The level of spin is controlled via the smartphone application by simply moving the appropriate slider. Read more here or see ERNE's specifications here.
  • What comes with ERNE?
    You get the ERNE Pickleball Training Machine, a 24v battery installed, a battery charger, a carousel agitator (to be installed). You'll also find unpacking instructions, do's and don'ts, warranty registration card, an ERNE sticker and a QR code link to both the Apple and Android smartphone apps. Find out more here
  • Can ERNE be upgraded to support new features ?
    In some cases ERNE can be upgraded to support new accessories and features. We're working on getting accessories added to our shop, so stay tuned!
  • Are there any additional purchases needed to operate ERNE ?
    Just Pickleballs which soon we'll be selling in our own shop! Stay tuned!
  • Can I purchase a second Battery for ERNE ?
    Yes, but changing the ERNE battery required taking the case off. See how do that here
  • How long is the Warranty ?
    The ERNE Warranty is 3 years from the date of purchase. See our warranty details here
  • After ordering how long does it take to get my ERNE ?
    After the pre-order period we are expecting to deliver machine within 5 days of purchase depending on location.
  • Are there shipping charges for ERNE ?
    Yes the ERNE has a separate charge for shipping. Check the shipping rates and delivery timeframes when you add ERNE to your cart.
  • How is ERNE shipped and delivered ?
    We use standard shipping services like UPS and Fedex. The machine is packaged in a form fitting thick styrofoam shell wrapper in a thick cardboard box.
  • What accessories will improve my ERNE training experience ?
    We will be selling training accessories on the website soon. Stay tuned!
  • Should I clean the throwing wheels ?
    ERNE Throwing wheels come in two types, high-density wheels ($90/paid) and lower density wheels ($45/paid). All machines shipped after October 15th have the high density wheels installed. The high density wheels are much better at resisting the residue buildup created by the harder plastic balls (Franklin, Dura, etc). The wheels can be cleaned by using duct tape wrapped around the wheel and then pulled off quickly, this only works if it is done frequently otherwise the residue will not come off. If you are using our ERNE balls then either type of wheel will work well because the ERNE balls do not deposit as much residue. Regardless it is always best to have a spare set of throwing wheels. Here are two videos for the wheel replacement process. Low Density Wheels are High Density wheels are
  • Where do I get the smartphone software ?
    For Apple smartphones you can get it here, for Android you can download it from here
  • How many training drills are available ?
    Lots. ERNE supports over 24 different predefined drills, these drills can be customized to fit your training needs. To see a complete list of drills and the associated parameters click here. To see what the application looks like click here.
  • How do I use ERNE’s smartphone controls ?
    Your Finger. All controls are intuitive and require nothing more than your finger to make adjustments to parameters like ball speed, interval, spin, direction, elevation, etc. Click here for more details or here to see the smartphone software in action.
  • Can I use the remote control and the smartphone together ?
    Yes. Typically you use the phone to setup the drill(s) then use the remote control to start and stop the drill. You can use the phone to start and stop the drill as well but the remote is much more small and convenient.
  • How many predefined court positions does ERNE support ?
    The ERNE supports 28 different court positions that you can direct a ball to, this makes setting up a specific shot extremely easy and fast.
  • Does the software run on Android and iPhone?
    Yes, the app runs on both the iPhone and the Android mobile devices.
  • Does the Application required Wifi?
    No, the application and machine use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for communications which does not require a wifi connection.
  • Can ERNE use a battery or AC power ?
    Yes, the ERNE can use either the internal (charged) battery or it can use AC power via the supplied transformer. The power button on the back of the ERNE tells the machine what power to use. When in the middle position the power button turns off the machine and allows for battery recharging (using the supplied charger). Check out this link here
  • What type of maintenance does ERNE require ?
    See the ERNE maintenance page located here
  • What kind of battery does ERNE use ?
    ERNE uses a special 24v LiPOFe4 type battery. Check out more info here
  • How do I charge the battery ?
    Place the power button the middle position and plug the charging adapter into an AC receptacle and the other end into the machine (DC in). Read more about it here
  • What do I do when I get my ERNE ?
    See unpacking and charging the ERNE for the first time here
  • What is ERNE made of ?
    ERNE is primarily made of a combination of ABS plastic, high quality aluminum and steel.
  • Should I drain the battery before charging ERNE ?
    No, you can charge the battery from any level of charge remaining.
  • How do I store ERNE for extended periods (more then 3 months) ?
    We suggest you fully charge the battery then disconnect it. Don’t store the ERNE in a wet environment. Make sure the temperature range doesn’t go below 0°F or go above 120°F. Never store the ERNE in a vehicle that is closed up and directly in the sun, this can damage various components.
  • Why is ERNE so smooth and precise ?
    ERNE uses a microprocessor and special motors (stepper motors) to drive its oscillation features, these operate much more accurately and smoothly than traditional DC motors. Also, ERNE on moves the internal yoke to change direction of a throw whereas many other machine rotate the entire machine.
  • What is Victory Sports Technologies working on ?
    VST is constantly working on enhancements to our machine(s), our software, our electronics and our services. We'll be updating the site as we go, so stay tuned!
  • Can I leave ERNE in the car ?
    Not for an extended period of time, temperatures can reach well over 100°F in a closed up car or when exposed directly to the sun through the window(s). These temperatures can damage various components.
  • Can ERNE fit in my car, truck or SUV ?
    Yes, ERNE is able to fit in most vehicles, here is what ERNE looks like when in travel mode
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